All-Welded Products

All-Welded Heat Exchangers

Maxchanger – The Maxchanger all-welded plate heat exchanger is an infinitely superior heat exchanger where size and cost are important.  The Maxchanger transfers heat in much the same way as the Superchanger plate and frame heat exchanger, but does so without gaskets.  Because it is so compact, it occupies only 30-50% of space required for a shell and tube heat exchanger.  Single and multiple pass designs are available.

Tranter, Inc. Supermax- The Tranter, Inc. Supermax shell and plate heat exchanger is designed for pressures to 70barg (1,015 psig) and at temperatures up to 537°C (1,000°F) for standard range units.  Extended range units are available for higher temperature and pressure applications.  With alternating channels for hot and cold media, the Supermax can be configured to provide true countercurrent or co-current flow.  The Supermax line offers three different diameters of circular plates.