Plate and Frame

Industrial Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers

The very well known highly efficient SUPERCHANGER heat exchangers are designed to provide the maximum efficiency in the heat transfer between two fluids.   It consists of a series of gasketed, embossed plates in a variety of material arranged alternately and bolted together between end frames to form channels through which hot and cold media flow.  The hot fluid flows on one side of the plate while the cold fluid flows on the other, with the plate itself providing the most effective means to transfer heat from one fluid to the other.    SUPERCHANGER plate and frame heat exchanger require a lot less space then old line shell and tube units. They can pack 22,000 sq.ft. of super efficient heat transfer surface in a single unit with flow rates up to 21,000 gpm in one third of the space. These plate and frame heat exchangers also provide greater flexibility, are easier to clean, experience less fouling, are lighter in weight and cost less.

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