Superchanger Heat Exchangers

Plate Frame Heat Exchangers

Designed to provide maximum efficiency in transferring heat from one liquid to another, SUPERCHANGER heat exchangers have high heat transfer rates.

SUPERCHANGER heat exchangers are made out of a series of gasketed metal plates that are bolted together. End frames form channels that hot and cold media flow through. 

The concept is simple. The plate provides the most effective way for the heat to transfer from one side of the plate to the other as the hot fluid flows on one side and the cold on the other. The gaskets, which are mounted on the plate, seals the channels to create the flow direction. As the liquid flows, the temperatures begin to change with the hot liquid becoming cooler and cold liquid warming up. Most SUPERCHANGER heat exchangers are designed for a one pass and one flow system.

SUPERCHANGER heat exchangers are easy to clean and can be taken apart to reach the plate surfaces. The plates in SUPERCHANGER heat exchangers can be electropolished manually or in-place to make cleaning easier.

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