Supermax Heat Exchangers

High Pressure Heat Exchanger

SUPERMAX Heat Exchangers are made from chevron-type plates. They are fabricated, by a resistance seam weld, into a cassette. 

Cassettes are placed and welded together, which creates a highly tolerant accordion-like core that is resistant to thermal expansion. This creates a plate pack. It is then placed into a cylindrical shell, which is fitted with special fluid diverts.

The fluid diverts make sure there is proper flow throughout the unit. The top and bottom covers have end plates and nozzles welded to the shell to form a pressure vessel. There is an option to have extra-large nozzles on the sides of the heat exchangers.

Designed for pressures to 103.4 barg (1,500 psig) and at temperatures up to 538°C (1,000°F), SUPERMAX heat exchangers also have extended range units available for higher temperature and pressure applications.

SUPERMAX Heat Exchangers can be created to provide true countercurrent or co-current flow with the alternating channels for hot and cold media.

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